Tuesday, March 22, 2005

We could all use a little less

A garden hose gushes water into a puddle on a lawn. A light shines brightly in an empty room. A man brushes his teeth with the sink’s faucet on full blast.

These examples of wastefulness are scenes from Honda’s latest hybrid commercial. The message is clear: we all waste precious natural resources. Buying a hybrid is a good start towards affecting change.

We can not find the commercial anywhere online. There are some other hybrid commercials, however, the accord commercial (not available) is a lot more powerful than the others.

Monday, March 07, 2005

We ♥ the Ukie.

Forget Will Smith, who can’t even open a restaurant successfully near his old hood, and Bill Cosby, who hates being un-controversial. Jessica Pressler might well be Philadelphia’s most valuable export -- despite the fact that she is very much still here. The Philadelphia Weekly columnist (who won a Best of Philly™ Award -- Best Newspaper Columnist – Slightly Ridiculous -- from Philadelphia Magazine this summer for her weekly Pressler’s Miscellany column) might still live in the illydilly but is doing her best to share all that is cool about it with the world. This Sunday was the fourth feature she has had published in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times since September. philadelphia kills it at the Ukie

Yesterday, in the Boîte column, which chronicles hip restaurants, bars and clubs in cities like New York, LA and DC, she profiled the Ukie, or the Ukrainian American Citizens Association, on the edge of Northern Liberties. The article made the place sound good and was noticeably less contrived than your typical Sunday Styles piece. We would not be surprised if she is intentionally highlighting the un-pretentiousness of the Ukie, not unlike so many other Philadelphia locales, which is kind of atypical of an establishment from LA or NYC that might appear in the Boîte column.

Philadelphia’s perceived authenticity is a hook on which the city should build. And if Pressler can continue to let more folks in on some of Philadelphia’s cooler spots, the city (and all its efforts to achieve an improved image) should take note and, more importantly, say “Thank you.”

Friday, March 04, 2005

Are you sure that's Moscow?

Moscow's planned Federation Tower is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

But at least it's progress.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Leave it to Philadelphia to crucify Webber after only 3 games

Leave it to Philadelphia to crucify Webber after he's only played three games.

Today, philly.com lead with the headline "Is Webber a Cookie?" We don't exactly know what that means as we think cookies are generally good and the headline was clearly asking if he's a chump. (Perhaps it's similar to the use of lemon to denote a shitty car.)

Regardless, the point is that philly.com loves to cry wolf. If it was the Daily News' site, we'd understand. However, it is the Knight Ridder site that represents both the Daily News and the Inquirer and generally considers itself the homepage for the Philadelphia region. It could lead with actual news. Unfortunately, it seems to continually choose to instead lead with hype, more consistent with a tabloid like the New York Post than an actual news source.

The headline of the actual article is much subtler ("Let's hope Webber is an adjustable star") but that's kind of the point: why does philly.com always feel its necessary to lead with sensational headlines -- even more so than the Daily News? There was even another example today with the news that free agent Jeremiah Trotter was visiting with the Kansas City Chiefs. I don't remember the words exactly, but it was along the lines of "Trotter headed to Kansas City" instead of "Trotter to test free agency market."

So philly.com is lame.

Meanwhile, Chris Webber is EXACTLY what Allen Iverson has needed all along. The Sixers could very well bring a parade to Philadelphia this June instead of next.